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26 December 2009: Innoficiel show in  Moheda, Sweden: Impala Mia Michelle got BOS!! Congratulations Ramona!!

13 december 2009: Stockholm, Sweden: Impala Jollene was 2nd in intermediar class (15 females in class) with CQ! And then she was 5 Best Female!!! Judge: Leif Ragnar Hjort, Norway. Congratulations Amanda for such great job!!!!!

21 november 2009 Inofficial show in Strängnäs/Sweden: Impala Jollene got1 BF with HP and BOB! Congratulations Amanda!

 8 november 2009- Malmö Puppyshow/Sweden: Just after 2 weeks from his arrival in his new home, Impala Maverick won BOB with HP! Judge : Yvonne Brink, Swe.

Congratulations Carola, Camalis kennel, and wishing you more nice results in the future too!!!


31 october 2009: Växsjö, Sweden: Impala Jollene got exc3& HP! CH Impala Deja-Vu was also shown, but  he didn/t show his teeths so he got 2nd in quality (he arrived in Sweden with just one week before, so he was not so cooperant yet!:)))  Congratulations Amanda and thank you for showing them!

In the same show was also Impala Easy Rider- he also got 1st in quality and 2nd male in open class. Congratulations Ala!!


Impala Jollene                                                   Impala Easy Rider

24 october 2009: Impala Jumping Jack won his class with reserve green star/res CACIB in Dublin, Ireland. Congratulations Danielle!!

 13 september 2009: Sofiero nationel show, Sweden: Impala Easy Rider got CK and Best Male 4 !!!! Congratulations Ala & Becca!!

12 September 2009: Helsinkigroup show, Finland: Impala Flashlight won Best male 1 , CAC and Best of Breed !! Judge Hannele Jokisilta.  Congratulations Arja!!!


5 September 2009: International Club Dobermann show in Hungary: Impala Nightwish Noemi was VP in baby class! Congratulations Florin & Dana!!


23 August 2009: In Runa, Norway: Impala Fantastic Dream 1 qual, 1 comp. Judge: Hassi Assenmacher, Germany. Congratulations Oddrun!


Impala Fantastic Dream

In  Finland/ Heinola national show: Impala Flashlight won  Best male 3 & CAC,  judge Alejandra Galofre Moragas, Spain. Congratulations Arja!

Impala Flashlight

22 August 2009 : SUCh Impala Zen Zikko won Best of Breed (judge P. Juehall) and Best in Show 2 (judge P.E.Wallin) at Schnauzer-pinscher speciality show in Sweden!!!

Congratulation Jeanette for showing him so well!

In Finland, Kouvola national show: Impala Flashlight won  Best male 3 (res-CAC),  judge Petter Fodstad, Norway. Congratulations Arja!

In Norway, Runa: Impala Fantastic Dream- excellent 1, CAC, 2nd Best Male, judge Kornelija Butrimova, Lithuania. Congratulations Oddun!

 And in Finland / Joensuu International show: Impala Flashlight won  Best male 3 CAC , judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland. Congratulations Arja!

 15 August 2009, Internationel show Norrköping/Sweden: Impala Jollene got  HP and Best Bitch 4! Judge: Åke Cronander, Sweden.

16 August 2009, Nationel show Norrköping/Sweden: Impala Jollene got  HP and Best Bitch 4! Judge:Petter Fodstad, Norway.

Congratulations Amanda!!!!!!!

Also in Sweden,   Bjurholm  inoficiel show, Impala Joe Black was HP, BIR and BIG4! His children has been succesful too, congratulations Jenny  for the good work!!

 8 August 2009, Askersund, Sweden: Impala Jolenne won again HP in junior class! Congratulations Amanda , good work!!!

In Turku/ Finland, Impala Flashlight (miniature schnauzer) won  Best male 2 (rCAC),  judge Alfredo Alessandri, Italy. Congratulations Arja!

25 July 2009, Ransäter/Sweden: Impala Jolenne won HP in Junior class! Congratulations Amanda!

Impala Zen Zikko won his final CK and he is now  SWEDISH CHAMPION ! Congratulations Jeanette!!!

Zikko also got Best of Breed and reserve Best in Group!!!

24 July 2009-Sozopol- Bulgarian Dobermann Club: Impala Nightwish Noemi-VP1-Best Baby !! Judge:Curcic Zoran (Serbia)

Congratulations to Dana and Florin, Hoffman House kennel!

19 July 2009 International show Constanta, Romania:

Impala Ice Face- RPJ & Best Junior. Rafa is now Romanian Junior Champion!

Helenhoff Savana - exc 2 in junior class

Impala Dancing Queen- CAC, CACIB, Best Bitch & Best of Breed! Judge: Otto Schimpf, Austria.

And our little pomeranian also won her final RPJ, so she is now Romanian Junior Champion!!!


                                                RJCH  Impala Ice Face                                                                            RJCH Impala Dancing Queen


And one of our  dobermann puppies, Impala Noble Enzo won Very Promising 1 and Best Baby!!! Congratulations to his owners!

4 July 2009 Nationel show Gotland/Sweden: Impala Zen Zikko won CAC & BOS! Judge:Michael Leonard, Ireland.

5 July 2009 International show Gotland /Sweden: Impala Zen Zikko won CAC, CACIB , Best of Breed and res Best in Group!!! Congratulations Jeanette for such nice results!



27June 2009: Club show in Boras, Sweden:  Impala Zen Zikko -CK & BOB

28 June 2009: Nationel show in Boras Sweden: Impala Zen Zikko -CK & BOS. Congratulations Jeanette!

20 June 2009: National show Ploiesti/Romania: Impala Dancing Queen-CAC, Best Bitch & Best of Breed, Impala Ice Face-RPJ, Helenhoff Savana- RPJ, Soritas Victoria v Humblepup -CAC. Judge: Calin Margineanu, Romania.

Also our little pomeranian Aljens Salsa Dance to Impala had a lovely day playing there with everybody and she won RPJ , Best Bitch and Best of Breed! Judge: Robert Bambach, Romania.

Check her page here to see a couple of beautiful photos made by Corina - thank you very much for them!!!:))))

13 June 2009: In Norway, Impala Fantastic Dream won first quality and HP under judge Kirsti Lummilampi-Finland and in the next day CK, CAC & BOS under judge Normann Deschuymere-Belgium. Congratulations Oddrun !!!


Impala Fantastic Dream

* in Vännäs, Sweden: Impala Purple Rain won CAC, Cacib, BOB and BOG-2 ! He is now Swedish Champion! Congratulations Johanna!!

*In the same show, Impala Joe Black got HP in junior class! Congratulations Jenny!

*In Avesta, Sweden: Impala Evening Star won again BOS !!! Congratulations Senad!

7 June 2009: In Sweden, Impala Zen Zikko won CAC & Best of Breed & BIG-5!

6 June 2009: In Russia,  Impala Kappa Kimba won 2x J.CAC & Best Junior (judge Khomasuridze)and  BOB (judge Nikanorova). She is now Junior Champion of Russia!

31 may 2009- European show 2009 Dublin /Ireland: Impala Jumping Jack got exc 2 in Junior class!!! Congratulations Danielle!!!

30 May 2009: In Russia, Impala Kappa Kimba won J.CAC and Best Junior under judge Prozorov. Congratulations Helen!

24 may 2009: News from Russia: Impala King Keops got his 4 th JCAC so he is now Junior Champion of Rusia! His sister, Impala Kappa Kimba was even better: she also got JCAC, Best Junior and Best of Breed!!!

Also Impala Dynamic Force is now Bulgarian champion and Balkan Champion! Congratulations Helen!!


Same day, in  Finland: Impala Lucky Chance is now Estonian & Swedish Champion!!! Chen was Best of Breed under judge Irina Poletaeva, Rusia.

Congratulations Mervi!!



16 May 2009- in Sweden/Orebro innoficiel show: Impala Energetic Ball BIR & BIG3! Congratulations Senad!!

Also in Sweden, but  in Hässleholm: Impala Keo Kayla- 2nd Best Bitch! Judge: Arne Foss , Norway. Congratulations Veronica!

Then on sunday Keo got her second Swedish Club Winner Card at judge Maritha Östlund-Holmsten, Sweden!!

In Moscow/Russia , Impala King Keops - 2 JCAC at judges O. Vasiliev (Russia) and Bajena Ovesna (Cehia). Congratulations Elena!

In Romania, Cimpulung Muscel, Impala Red Ricadona- Cac& BOB, judge Lokodi Szolt, Ro. Congratulations Pompiliu!

In Ireland, Impala Jumping Jack got a Green Star, wich means excellent and he won his class! Congratulations Danielle!

Thank you all, your work makes a breeder proud and happy!!!

10 May 2009- in Russia, Impala King Keops got his first JCAC under judge M.Ostrovskaya. Congratulations Elena!!

9 May 2009-Skara national show in Sweden: Impala Zen Zikko was CK,  Best of breed and 4th in the group!

Judge: M. G. Stafberg. Congratulations Jeanett, kennel Jean Dark !

9 May 2009- Tirgoviste national show in  Romania:

Impala Ice Face- RPJ, Best Junior, Best Male & Best of Breed

Curasao v Kosslbacthal- CAC,

Hellenhoff Savana- RPJ,

Impala Dancing Queen- CAC,Best Female & BOS (judge: Robert Bambach, Romania).

Again our jolly pomeranian Aljens Salsa Dance at Impala charmed everybody there and she won RPjJ, Best Junior , Best Female & BOB!

(judge: Cristian Vantu, Romania).

2 May 2009 results from our miniature pinscher juniors:

- in Timisoara, Romania- Impala Jellybean won RPJ and Best Junior!

-in Russia, Impala King Keops won VP &CW and Impala Kappa Kimba won VP, CW & BP!

-in Valjevo,Serbia, Impala Kiss for a Friend won Best Junior!

Impala Kiss for a friend with our friend Slobodan, kennel Quelebris

Congratulations to all !!!!!

26 April 2009 in Vasteras, Sweden Impala Evening Star won again! She got Cert and BOS! Congratulations Senad for such good work with Star!!!


18 April 2009: Sillamäe, Estonia: Impala Zen Zikko won CAC & BOB ! Judge: Aleksandr Soloko, Russia. Congratulations Jeanette, Jean Dark kennel !



 13 April 2009, in Szilvasvarad/Hungary : Impala Jellybean was Junior Club Winner! Congratulations Cosmin and Olivia!!!

11 April 2009: Stockholm international show: Impala Evening Star won Cert, Cacib, Best Female and BOS !!!! Congratulations Senad for such great result !!! Keep on !!!

5 April 2009- National show "Lider-Prestige" in Russia  under judge Bo Skalin (SWE) Impala Dynamic Force won CAC & Best male,

so he is now  Champion of RKF ! Congratulations Elena!!

4 April  2009- in our first show of 2009 we finish 2 champions:

Impala Deja-Vu is now Romanian Champion and Impala Dancing Queen is Romanian Junior Champion!

Best of Breed was our new junior black male Impala Ice Face, and  Impala Silent Wind and Impala Elysee won CAC in their classes.

IMPALA kennel was first place in breeding group!!!

Our little pomeranian girl made her debut: Aljens Salsa Dance at Impala was Best Junior, Best Bitch and Best of Breed !


Also on 4.04.2009/ Rakvere, Estonia, judge: Livija Vaitkeviciene (Lithuania):

 Impala Zen Zikko -exc1, CAC, BM3;

 Impala Rubin Rain-exc 1,BF4,

Impala Crusty Toast-exc

and 4.04.2009/ Iasi, Romania: Impala Ginger Muki- exc1, RPJ & Impala River Red- exc 1, CAC.

Congratulations to all Impala owners for doing such a great job!!!

 29.03.2009: shows in Moscow,  Russia: Impala Dynamic Force CAC & BOB,

 Impala Kimba Kappa- BOB Puppy

 Impala King Keops -BOS Puppy;

and in second show: Impala Dynamic Force CAC & BOS, Impala King Keops BOB Puppy (Kappa not shown).

Congratulations Elena for such great job!!

Great news from Swedish Winner show Malmo 22 march 2009!!!

Impala Keo Kayla won BEST OF BREED &CERT & CACIB, so she is  Swedish Winner 2009!!!! Congratulations Veronica!!!!

And more good news!!!! Second best female & CERT was Impala Evening Star , the winner of junior class! Congratulations Senad !!!!!!


                   SW-09 SUCh Impala Keo Kayla           Cert BF2 Impala Evening Star


13.02.2009: International show in Tallin, Estonia: Impala Lucky Chance won  Best of breed with Cac & Cacib!

 7.02.2009 More news from Rusia: in a double national show today Impala Dynamic Force won again junior class so he became Junior Champion of Russia! Congratulations Elena!

Another Impala , but this time a miniature schnauzer, Impala Funny Face became Junior Champion of Rusia! In 4 shows, he won 4CW, 3 Best Junior&BOB!

25.01.2009 First show results from this year from our puppies!!!

In Rusia, Impala Dynamic Force won 2 BJ and Best of Breed in a 2 shows in Moscow- judge: Revaz Homasuridze. Congratulations Elena!!!

In Turku, Finland, Impala Flashlight was Best male 3 and a son of Impala Mistic Fog, Backouts Jamaica, was best male and BOS! Congratulations Arja!!!


16.01.2009: Our new girl arrived from United States!!!!

CC is a gorgeous pomeranian female with exquisite pedigree and comes from kennel ALJENS !!! Thank you Al and Jen for giving us this superb bundle of joy!!!!!!


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