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Pomeranian puppies from our kennel - not for sale anymore :)

Aici veti gasi poze cu puii produsi in canisa noastra din 2010 pana in prezent. Nu mai sunt de vanzare, ei au deja familia lor :)

Impala Amore Mio

Impala Mokko

Impala Dinno Plush

Impala Boom-Boom


Impala Play and Win                                Impala Noise Maker

Impala Ness Frape

Impala Magic Moonlight

Impala Honeybear (Woofy) at 2,5 months


Impala Happy Hippy Shake (Mimi) at 2,5 months                                     

 at 9 motnhs

Berry (Impala Gummybear)

Berry 2 months                                                                              Berry 3 months

right: Aszu  (Impala Eyes on Me)  lives in Poland with Karolina

left:Broserl (Impala Endless Love) lives in Austria with Ruth & Alex Reid (kennel Maruso).

3 weeks

girl                                                                      boy

The boy at 2 weeks.

Broserl at 3 years


Nane (Impala U Make Me Dance)

Etta (Impala American Beauty)

3 months

Etta with her owner Asli

More photos with Etta in shows: