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Our shelties   living now in caviary:

  Cavatinas Kravitz

 (import Sweden)


Parents: Cavatinas Billy Bayou (sheltie, red-white) + SCh Cavatina's Quickstep
coronet, goldenagouti/golden)



 Who Let the Dogs Out at Brentwood Hotel  (import Hungary)


Parents: Roversteds Choctaw (imp. DK, 100% Red Rock lines) - Javanese Poem at Brentwood Hotel (texel tsw)




Sweetheart Pompon

sow (import Poland)

Parents: Eternitys Bistro (sheltie, golden/white) + Squeeze Me Pompon (sheltie, goldenagouti/white)




 Cavatinas Madame Butterfly    (import Sweden)


  Parents: BIR 09, SV 09, SCH Cavatinas Good Luck Charm (merino golden) + SCH Bamira Ellemina ( coronet black/white)

Cavatinas Good Luck Charm



  Cavatinas Bonnie   (import Sweden)


 Parents: Aniko (coronet, goldenagouti/white) +  Cavatinas JoAnne (sheltie, golden/white)








Impala Joanie-Jo


Parents: Cavatinas Kravitz (sheltie , golden/white) + Yoanna v Gotenholz (coronet, red/white)


 Cavatinas Yulara


  Parents: SCH Cavatinas Valentino (merino black) + SCH Malaxis Naugthy Night ( sheltie black roan)



Impala Tabitha


Parents: Austrian-Peruaner Rammstein (sheltie, tsw) + Impala Quanta (coronet, black-white)










Impala Josette


Parents: Kali dos Roedores do Algarve (coronet, chocolate/red/white) + Impala Tarantella (sheltie, chocolate/golden roan broken)


 Impala Lightsilver


Parents: Impala Kalahari (alpaca, goldenagouti/red/white) + Wanda Dior (peruvian, goldenagouti)



 Quincy  Hopefull Farm


Parents: Ishiro (coronet silveragouti/white) + Nidhi (sheltie silveragouti/white)

   Bellow you will find the shelties we used in our breeding and some babies after them (they do not live in our caviary anymore):
Austrian-Peruaner Rammstein, boar, Parents: Austrian-Peruaner Nabuko (texel, black/white) + Austrian-Peruaner Rosi (sheltie, goldenagouti/red/white)




Impala Quest for Fun 


Parents: Dream in Black v Wuschelland (peruvian, black) + Wanda Dior (peruvian, goldenagouti)



    Mephisto v Werne, lilac boar imp Germany
Cavatinas Stacy, goldenagouti/golden/white boar imp Sweden


Iontus v Drelšndereck


Parents: Red Rock Ionikos (coronet, goldenagouti-red-white) + Latifa v Drelandereck (sheltie, red-white)

    Goldoni v Werne, golden/white boar imp Germany
Goldoni and one of his sons, Impala Zoldon