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Our texels living in our home:

 Cavatinas Apple Jack

 boar import Sweden



5 months in photo

 Impala Tamalina


 Parents: Jasiek Caviadoro + Impala Nemesis (alpaca red roan broken)

5 months in photo

 Impala Torquetta


 Parents: Jasiek Caviadoro (texel, red) + Impala Nemesis (alpaca red roan broken)

4 months in photo

 Impala Calm Like a Bomb


Parents: Impala Nightkeeper (alpaca black roan) + Impala Tamalina (texel, red)


4 months

 Impala Tanya


Parents: Cavatinas Kravitz (sheltie golden/white) + Impala Thabita (sheltie tortie/white)

 Impala Funny City Girl


 Parents: Impala Quest for Fun (sheltie cremagouti) + Impala Up-Town Girl (coronet cremagouti)



Bellow you will find other texels used in our breeding and babies that we sold (they are no longer in our caviary):

Impala Mayashi Girl

Impala Gift for Moti

Impala High Fidelity




Bertoluci at Brentwood Hotel- blue-gold argente boar

Parents: Zepelin at Brentwood Hotel (texel, blue/gold/white) + Ivette v Mumintal (texel, blue-gold argente) On 8.07.2006 in  Budapest show, Hungary, Bertoluci won the folowing titles: Champion Recommendation (CR), Best of Breed, Best of Group, Junior Best in Show, Best in Show, Best of Best !